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Dark Honey and Tobacco reed scent diffuser refill bottles from Almaarie.

The Essences of Time

Dark Honey and Tobacco Reed Diffuser Refill

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Dark Honey and Tobacco Diffuser Refill

This fragrance evokes the feeling of a warm hug in a winter night. It has a rich and full aroma of honey with hints of tobacco and citrus along with the warming heart notes of cinnamon and cloves. The titillating presence of tobacco transforms the fragrance from a mere sweet and warm scent, to a more sophisticated aroma that instantly envelopes you in a feeling of calm relaxation. This is further enhanced by the rich base notes of tobacco leaf, cedar, sandalwood, vanilla and musk. A truly beautiful and heart warming scent.

The refill is supplied in 100ml PET bottles and comes with a set of black fibre reeds.

Net volume - 100ml

Lasts upto 3 months.


How to Use and Safety

If using in a bottle that had the same fragrant from Almaarie, then just simply pour the liquid from the refill bottle into the jar and replace the reeds. If you are using our refill in a jar that had a different scent then please dispose of the remaining liquid into your waste bin. Do not pour the liquid into the sink or on the grass. Make sure you are wearing a pair of gloves when handling the liquid. Once empty, rinse the empty jar with warm soapy water.  When the jar is dry simply pour your Almaarie refill into the jar and insert the new reeds.

Please take care not to spill as this could damage your furniture surface. If the liquid spills on a surface wipe it clean with kitchen towel or a dry cloth straight away.


Tips On Getting The Most Out Of Your Diffuser

Use all of the reeds provided for stronger scent throw or if using in a medium to large room.

Turn the reeds daily for stronger scent throw.

Keep diffuser away from radiator or hot surfaces.

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