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The Essences of Time

Palo Santo Room Spray

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Palo Santo Room Spray

Top note - Mandarin, Lime, Fresh incense accord, Pine needle

Middle note - Orris root, Crushed Pine needles

Base note - Palo Santo, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Oakmoss, Vanilla, Amber, Musk

 Palo Santo, which means Holy Wood, has been used for centuries in Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela and other South African countries as incense to remove negative energy and enhance the feeling of wellbeing. Our Palo Santo room spray will instantly relax you with it's aroma without the smell of burning wood. Spray it in your bedroom for a restful night of sleep. Use it in the car, in the office or wherever you are in need of a more calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Net Volume: 100ml

Approximately 1000 spritz

How To Use

Simply spritz one of our scented room spray anywhere in your home, the car or even in the office when you need to create or enhance an ambiance in a hurry. Spray in the air or on your linens and curtains for a boost of freshness. Our room sprays are stronger than most other similar products, so a little goes a long way. 


Tips To Enhance Your Experience

Why not create a unique atmosphere by complementing the spray with one or more of our candles, creating a layered scented surrounding. Personalise it by adding candles with notes of floral or citrus, cooler or warmer notes. Create your own scented memory that is your own essence of time... You can find The Essences of Time collection of candles here.